These are the 2 best spray tan machines for an efficient and successful salon that keeps your customers coming back for more! In this article you can learn about the types of machines you can buy and our recommendations as spray tan therapists. 

Spray Tan Systems

The airbrush or the HVLP (high volume, low pressure) system are the two types of system used for spray tanning. Either system produces a successful and commercially viable result.

Airbrush Spray Tan System

Airbrush spray tanning is:

  • Slower than HVLP machines
  • Creates less over spray
  • Less salon cleaning or re-painting due to less over spray
  • Uses less solution therefore it is more cost-effective
  • It doesn’t spray cold air which can be quit uncomfortable for clients
  • Its small and light to carry
  • It can be used for body contouring

Gravity Fed Airbrush 

A gravity fed airbrush has the cup on top of the gun rather than below it. Operation is more efficient that HVLP because it does not struggle to suck fluid upwards. A gravity fed airbrush can be expensive though.

Siphon Fed Airbrush

Siphon fed airbrush systems work against gravity. This type of airbrush requires a slightly higher air pressure in order to suck up the solution from the bottle. Siphon fed airbrush’s can hold more solution in the bottle which means their is no need to top up solution.

Single Action Airbrush

For tanning, an airbrush with a needle size of about 0.5mm is required. Single action airbrushes are less expensive and easier to use as the tan comes out at a pre-set rate when the trigger is depressed. This can be costly as their is less control over air flow and volume of tan dispensed.

Dual Action Airbrushes

This type gives you more control over the gun. The width of the spray patter can be controlled to give a much finer spray. For instance you could reduce the spray pattern for arms as they are small areas but widen it for larger areas like the back or chest to save time.


Your compressor must be compatible with your airbrush gun.

HVLP Spray Tan System

The compressor must be able to generate a steady and consistent pressure of 15 to 20 PSI (pounds per square inch). An HVLP spray tan gun delivers a much wider spray than an airbrush gun. Usually 125 cm diameter compared to a maximum of 60 cm from an airbrush. This cuts application time down from ten minutes to about 8 minutes with no loss of quality. Most spray tan brands such as fake bake, vita liberata etc will sell these types of guns.

2 Best Spray Tan Systems

For spray tanning using an airbrush system ‘Iwata’ is the best machine to buy. For HVLP machines we would recommend the Maxi Mist TNT (Not the smaller versions unless you only plan to do a small amount of appointments per day as the motor is not designed to handle anymore).

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