Read to learn the worst spray tan habits therapists do? Make sure you don’t fall victim to these bad habits and your spray tan salon will thrive with error reduction which means better client and staff retention!


Get to know your clients before and after their spray tan session, but never during. There is nothing worse than finding out you’ve missed a bit of your clients body due to too much chitchat! It might be you, or it might be them whose gabbing away, but either way, it needs to stop!

It’s a great feeling to get on with your clients, but during treatment it’s 100% the best decision to keep quiet and concentrate during session. Start this habit from your first appointment and keep it consistent. You could even explain to your client that you don’t want to be distracted, or you can’t really hear what they are saying before you start. Or if you do feel compelled to answer back keep it yes/no or nod.

Ignoring feedback

Get your feedback from the moment you start. You don’t need to keep asking for feedback once your confident in spray tanning, but a motivated spray tan therapist will want to know from the start whats good and what needs improvement.

This is especially important when hiring new staff or getting in new products as well. As the owner, you wont be able to tell how your staff member’s spray tan will turn out, and the chances are your client will be too shy to complain, so push for feedback so you can let your staff know they need to improve their skills.

Bad customer care

It costs about £2-£16 to gain a client through advertising, so treat them good and they will be back for life! If a client has spilled or ruined their tan and they want you to fix it, then just fix it! It will take you about 5 minutes and cost your pennies. Always give your clients preparation advice, keep to their appointment times by working efficiently and make it clear that you can help if they ever have a disaster!

Over spraying hands and feet

There is no worse habit than over spray tanning someones hands, wrists, feet or ankles. Trial and error this on yourself or a friend until you get it right. Too much distracting chit chat during session can let this happen.

Loose clothing 

If you’ve warned your client prior to their appointment that loose clothing is absolutely necessary, then your salon shouldn’t have an issue with people turning up with tight clothing. If on the rare occasion someone has ignored your advice over the phone, email or text about bringing the correct clothing then you MUST warn them that it will have an adverse affect on their tan. If you don’t, you risk them blaming you!

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