Want a true St. Tropez spray tan review? You’ve found it! We’ve tried and tested almost every spray tan and we can say that St. Tropez is and always will be one of the best spray tans in the world. St. Tropez spray tans are used in top fashion runways, it’s a celebrity favorite and people search for a St. Tropez spray tan more than any other brand. 


St. Tropez comes in ‘Luxe Oil’, ‘Original’, ‘Dark’, ‘Express’ and just very recently ‘Extra Dark’.

What’s the wash off times for St. Tropez?

Your clients will wash the ‘Original’, ‘Dark’ or ‘Extra Dark’ off in 8 hours, but you can achieve a medium/dark by washing off the ‘Dark’ in 4 hours. The express tan works this way: 1 hour wash off = light, 2 hour wash off= medium and 3 hour + wash off = dark.


It’s not cheap, but St. Tropez spray tan solution will pay off. Here’s a run down of what we think about the brand:

  • Suits very pale skin
  • Suits every type of client
  • Golden brown – no orange
  • Smells good – citrus scent
  • Lasts up to a week or more
  • Takes an extra 5 mins to dry as seems quite oily
  • Not suitable for fitness shows or people wanting very dark shades
  • Vegan friendly

Some advice

  • Don’t over spray your client just up the shade if they want darker! It will cost you more and mean they wont dry properly.
  • If your not going to buy the St. Tropez airport booth with it’s inbuilt airflow, buy a fan for your clients to dry better


St. Tropez markets itself, but their eye-catching and sometimes celebrity focused marketing images will help you to promote St. Tropez in your salon or on your salons website.


St. Tropez has many retail opportunities to will heighten your clients experience and your profits. From moisturisers to pre-long their tan, exfoliaters for the best prep and make-up.


St. Tropez can be applied in any machine, but it’s probably best in their own equipment. Their machines will give a reliable, even spray that wont burn the motor out after 5 spray tans. Don’t scrimp on your machine, it will pay off in the long run.

St. Tropez supplies a few different booths for spray tan rooms. The best booths are the airport booths that have a built in extraction unit with an airflow system that pushes the spray down into the extractor unit. This means the air quality is better which means less cleaning, tan stained walls and more pleasant for you and your client.

Where to buy

To buy St. Tropez in the United Kingdom, you can’t buy the stock from St. Tropez itself but from Ellisons or Alan Howard. Stock up well and keep an eye on how much solution you have left as the product can go out of stock easily!

Allergy advice

The lux oil spray tan has nuts in it – be careful!

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