The spray tan eraser is the single most effective mitt and retail product we have ever used! Take a look at our honest review of the spray tan eraser and preparation mitt. 

What is the tan eraser?

The ‘Tan Eraser’ is a special mitt that prepares your clients skin for spray tanning. It is also the best way to remove your spray tan.

How does it work?

The ‘Tan Eraser’ has a special surface which exfoliates the skin so well you can literally see the old fake take and dead skin roll off your body.

How do I use it?

The best way to use your tan eraser, is to moistuise or use oil for at lease a day before you take off your tan. Go for a hot bath preferably or long shower for about 15 minutes or longer and use soap all over. Rinse the soap off and stick your arm or leg out of the bath and wait a minutes. This will make your skin damp, not wet which will make it easier to cause a friction between your softened skin and the mitt.

Why we love the tan eraser

  • It’s re-useable
  • It requires no extra products
  • Its machine washable
  • It’s the best

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