Vita Liberata spray tans are one of the only spray tan brands that pride themselves on absolutely no harmful chemicals used, and it doesn’t even have a fragrance! The colour is a non orange, gold brown that dries faster than any spray tan we have ever used. 

Vita Liberata Spray Tan Ingredients

Non- toxic, no fragrance and completely organic ingredients are used which is probably why it is one of the best, non-drying spray tans their is.

Vita Liberata Drying Time

After completing a Vita Liberata spray tan, it’s basically already dry! It has a kind of powdery feel and doesn’t feel sticky. Stickiness after a spray tan is probably one of the most annoying aspects of the treatment. Putting your clothes on after a Vita Liberata spray tan is very comfortable as the clothes just glide over the skin rather than stick to it. So all in all, Vita Liberata take about 5 minutes to dry before your client should put their clothes on.

Odour Free 

Vita Liberata spray tans are completely odour free. That means no biscuit smell and no over powering scents are added. This is a great feature to have because it means your clients with super sensitive skin are safe from strong added fragrance that might irritate their skin.


Vita Liberata spray tans come in light (Hawaii), Medium (Ecuador), Dark (Brazil), Extra Dark (Aruba) and Express. Commonly known as the express, rapid or 1 hour tan, your clients can wash this off anywhere between 1 to 3 hours plus depending on the darkness they want to acheive. For example, 1 hour is light, 2 hours medium, 3 hours + is dark.


Vita Liberata is loved by celebs Sofia VergaraSienna MillerAlessandra Ambrosio and Emma Watson. It’s used in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Catwalk where the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner were given a Vita Liberata glow by makeup artist Kristyn Pradas.



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